Coping With Workplace Stress – Have Positive People To Help You Conquer Stress At Work

The things that happen in the workplace can be unpredictable and very overwhelming at times. It can range from a major argument with the boss, losing a client, machinery and equipment breaking down, delays with an important project, poor relationships with co-workers, lost revenue, working long and excessive hours, feeling unappreciated by your employer, working in a disorganized work environment and a major blow like losing your job. With so many things that can cause stress at work, it is no wonder why most of us have problems dealing with it.According to my personal experiences, the best way to deal with situations that causes you stress at work is to discuss your problems with someone. By discussing those problems that causes you stress at work, you can come up with solutions to the problem and feel better about yourself and the situation.I find the best people to discuss your problems with are:* Your wife/partner.* Your boss.* A trusting co-worker/business associate.* Your mentor.* Business advisors.* A friend.* Your parents/relatives.* A professional.* God.A few years ago, while working at a newspaper company, I had a co-worker who kept bothering me because she simply didn’t like me. This went on for months and unfortunately I didn’t do anything about it. Luckily a new employee named Amber started work in my department and we hit it off immediately. I found Amber a great person to discuss my problems with and she always cheered me up in a stressful situation. She also gave me advice on how to stand up to my troublemaking co-worker. I also provided Amber with support when she needed it as well.During my work career, I’ve always had people that provided me with advice and support. Currently as a business owner, I have a business mentor, business associates and friends that I discuss my problems with.And just because you constantly seek support and advice, doesn’t make you a weak and dependent person. As a matter of fact, powerful and successful people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger have advisers and confidants to discuss their problems with.When selecting someone to discuss your problems with, make sure:* They have great listening and communication skills.* Can offer you great support.* Can offer you sound solutions and constructive criticisms.* Keep discussions confidential and are trustworthy.* Optimistic.Most of us cannot go through tough and stressful situations on our own and we need positive people that can help and support us during these times.

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