How to Get People to Watch Your YouTube Videos

With all of the Google updates and algorithm changes and Pandas and Hummingbirds, it’s hard to know what type of optimization techniques you can use to get your video content seen. Providing quality content is always the best way to get your videos ranked, but what other strategies can you use to make your video content relevant to the search engines? If you’re an online network marketer using videos, try these 5 strategies to give your videos the juice they need to get noticed both by viewers and the search engines.

Set up your YouTube Channel

If you can get your video watched and shared, your content obtains a higher relevance authority in the search engines. How do you get people to share your videos? Setting up a YouTube channel with a focus on your intended niche is the first step towards getting your videos viewed and then shared. Having graphics and filling out your ‘About’ section with keywords relevant to your niche will also help your channel. Targeting your channel will get your content seen by the people you intended and will generate subscribers. Targeting means naming your channel relative to your niche – you wouldn’t post How-to videos for car repair in a channel named XboxOnefans.

Once you have subscribers, always make sure to go into advanced settings when you’re uploading your videos and choose the option to notify your subscribers when videos are uploaded.


Who is your audience? What are they looking for? If you can answer the first two questions then the strategy for this is easy… GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT! Sometimes that isn’t so easy but content is more compelling when it tells a story. It’s hard to know for sure what people are really looking for. For example, there are YouTube channels that have over 1 million subscribers and all the channel owner does is solicit questions from his viewers and then answer the questions in video replies.

Pretty much if you have a passion, stance, agenda, or pet peeve, you have an audience. For ideas look at what other channels have posted that are generating views.

Participate, Join the Conversation

When you watch and comment on someone’s videos, they will reciprocate and answer you back. One strategy that can get you views is commenting on other videos that are relevant in your niche. Do not spam them with your video link in their comments. When someone spams a video through the comment section it typically is blocked or deleted by the video owner.

Another strategy is to reply to a video with a video. Sometimes when you stir up a debate, other viewers will jump into the middle of the conversation. An additional benefit to getting comments on your videos is, the comment along with a link to your video is posted in the commentators Google+ profile page and everyone who is in their circles will see the post.

Use Playlists to Aggregate Relevant Keywords

Have you done a search on YouTube and found that the top 2 or 3 results were not videos, but playlists? Depending on your keywords, you can utilize playlists to give your videos a little more oomph! To use this technique, set up your playlists like this:

  1. With your browser in “incognito” setting or log out of all of your Gmail accounts (if using Google), do a search on YouTube for your keywords.
  2. Identify the top 5 videos for your keywords and save the URL’s for those videos
  3. Now log into your channel and create a playlist named after your keywords
  4. Add your video and the top 5 videos using their URL’s to your new playlist

Social Sharing

Social bookmarking can give any video a high degree of relevance. Not all of us can come up with that next viral video that will take Facebook by storm. But don’t discount the power of connecting your social media profiles with your YouTube channel for extra pop. Make sure that your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles are connected with your YouTube channel so that every time a new video is posted, your video is automatically shared. It’s an automated process and too easy NOT to have it set up.

To give your videos a little extra social juice, make sure to embed your video in a blog post on your own site as well. If you don’t have a self hosted blog or website, you can use sites like Tumblr, Blogger, and as alternatives.

Hopefully you haven’t fallen into the trap of paying for YouTube views or likes on your videos. As more and more people are using video as a medium for their content, the search engines are paying attention to the activities of your viewers. If you want to bolster your chances for views and you don’t seem to be getting traction, tweak the title or make another video that targets the same keywords. The quantity of videos and regular posting of content along with the right title can also get you headed in the right direction.

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Top 10 Christmas Shopping Destinations in the UK

Unless you are escaping to a desert island for the whole of December, Christmas shopping is pretty much unavoidable but if your local shops just aren’t going cut it this year (and you don’t want to rely on the post!), then why not use our guide to head out to the best shopping locations in the UK? Pre-Christmas sales are not uncommon now so search around for some real bargains.

1. Oxford Street, London

Forty million shoppers making their annual Christmas pilgrimage every year can’t be wrong. People come for the lights, the two mile stretch of 300+ shops, the extended ranges in many of the international flagship stores and the massive amount of choice (Selfridges, Top Shop, Nike Town, John Lewis, the list goes on). Although they probably don’t come for the crowds. Oxford Street is one of London’s top tourist attractions and is still one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world.

2. Manchester

England’s unofficial second city has the cooler edge on many of it’s rivals. Not even counting the The Arndale Centre, this city is a shoppers paradise and is crammed full of small niche retailers, vintage/retro boutiques and shabby chic/boho stores many with an original Mancunian style. Perfect if you really stuck for Christmas shopping ideas – just remember to pack the umbrella!

3. Brighton & Hove

Even though it’s a small city, Brighton & Hove has made it high on the list because of it’s amazingly diverse range of shops from chic boutiques, contemporary unique fashions to antiques and original art and jewellery. The more bohemian and trendy shops are located in Brighton’s North Laines. Wander the half a square mile of streets and alleys buying 50s and 60s kitsch, aspirational lifestyle products or french reproduction furniture and then stop for a mung bean burger at one of the many health and vegetarian food outlets. Designer bargains are to be found in the Brighton Marina and the big name stores are located in Churchill Square.

4. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a very aesthetically pleasing shopping location and is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Britain. People brave the cold to come here and view the sights as well as do their Christmas shopping. The locals take style and consumerism very seriously and as well as being packed with designer names (Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc) there are plenty of hip and trendy smaller boutique shops.

5. Birmingham

England’s official second city shouldn’t disappoint would be shoppers, it’s an easier place to get your bearings than you might think with most shops located in the newly redeveloped Bull Ring and New Street. Brummies love trendy designer labels but they also love a bargain. They also love unusual architecture (the £40 million futuristic Selfridges building is worth coming to Birmingham to see in itself although, having said that, it might not be to everyones taste!). As well as all the major high street shops including Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser, the well-known jewellery quarter should sort you out with all your bling!

6. Spitalfields Market, London

Okay this would be the alternative choice but if you’re fed up with the same old stuff in all the usual high street stores then Spitalfields market with it’s eclectic range of stalls – many with original designs – is definitely worth a visit. Buy your cool cousin an original leather satchel, your mum a vintage brooch, your niece or nephew a trendy printed babygrow or just pick up a slice of wheat-free Christmas cake.

7. Newcastle

If you like your shopping experience to be on a very large scale then this would definitely be the place to visit. The enormous Metrocentre is probably the reason most people travel to Newcastle for shopping as it’s one of largest shopping and leisure centres in Europe. North Easterners also have a fondness for original designs so as well as the usual high street favourites there is also a wide range of independent shops and a popular art and craft market each Sunday on Armstrong Bridge in Jesmond.

8. Bath

If it’s the quintessential English Christmas shopping experience you are after, look no further than Bath. With it’s grand Georgian streets, Roman baths and beautiful abbey, Bath is very easy on the eye and even the most discerning shopper is well catered for. As well as all the familiar big name stores, the town offers a wide range of independent shops and stylish boutiques and a well-organised Christmas Market running from 26th November to 6th December 2009.

9. Dublin

Ok, it’s not in the UK, but Dublin is a fun and vibrant city and would make an excellent choice for an easily accessible Christmas shopping destination. It’s a very compact city with all the shops in walkable distance and most of the shopping centred around the pedestrianised Grafton Street (shops towards the upper-end of the market) and St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre (the usual high street shops). After you finished there head for Temple Bar for trendy and more unusual clothing, music and art stores (and probably also a pint of Guinness).

10. Cardiff

Even if you’re not searching for a rugby shirt or a Welsh Love spoon don’t overlook Cardiff as a Christmas shopping destination. Cardiff is a very friendly city and is now one of the best shopping locations in the country thanks to the new St. David’s shopping centre £675 million extension. Every major store is represented in the very impressive “St. David’s 2″ but if it’s more intimate shopping you are after try the cute Morgan and Castle shopping arcades still with their Victorian and Edwardian features.

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Coping With Workplace Stress – Have Positive People To Help You Conquer Stress At Work

The things that happen in the workplace can be unpredictable and very overwhelming at times. It can range from a major argument with the boss, losing a client, machinery and equipment breaking down, delays with an important project, poor relationships with co-workers, lost revenue, working long and excessive hours, feeling unappreciated by your employer, working in a disorganized work environment and a major blow like losing your job. With so many things that can cause stress at work, it is no wonder why most of us have problems dealing with it.According to my personal experiences, the best way to deal with situations that causes you stress at work is to discuss your problems with someone. By discussing those problems that causes you stress at work, you can come up with solutions to the problem and feel better about yourself and the situation.I find the best people to discuss your problems with are:* Your wife/partner.* Your boss.* A trusting co-worker/business associate.* Your mentor.* Business advisors.* A friend.* Your parents/relatives.* A professional.* God.A few years ago, while working at a newspaper company, I had a co-worker who kept bothering me because she simply didn’t like me. This went on for months and unfortunately I didn’t do anything about it. Luckily a new employee named Amber started work in my department and we hit it off immediately. I found Amber a great person to discuss my problems with and she always cheered me up in a stressful situation. She also gave me advice on how to stand up to my troublemaking co-worker. I also provided Amber with support when she needed it as well.During my work career, I’ve always had people that provided me with advice and support. Currently as a business owner, I have a business mentor, business associates and friends that I discuss my problems with.And just because you constantly seek support and advice, doesn’t make you a weak and dependent person. As a matter of fact, powerful and successful people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger have advisers and confidants to discuss their problems with.When selecting someone to discuss your problems with, make sure:* They have great listening and communication skills.* Can offer you great support.* Can offer you sound solutions and constructive criticisms.* Keep discussions confidential and are trustworthy.* Optimistic.Most of us cannot go through tough and stressful situations on our own and we need positive people that can help and support us during these times.

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